Interclub 2019

South Wairarapa Bridge Club teams for 2019

Intermediate #1

Captain Alice Forward, Kath Banks, Margaret Bath. John Bath, Andrew Beck, Di Martin

Intermediate #2

Captain Hamish McDonald, Anna McDonald Brigitta Harper, Felicity Warren,Marilyn Smethurst, Pip Fowler

Intermediate #3

Captain Lizzie Catherall, Mary Herrick, Gail Freeman,Sheila Rice, Katherine Gough, Martin Connelly 

Junior Team

Captain Angie Smith, Eslyn Beck, FRank Minehan, Ruth Burgess, Dora Aw Yong, Dinah Airey 

Substitutes Deb Brunning, Gail and Gareth Rapson


Mindy Wu is coming for a Teams Tactics workshop on July 6th - notice on board for names or email the club

Draw for June 21st June - we are playing at Upper Hutt

SWBC #1  Alice Foirward playing Wellington 1 

SWBC #2  Hamish McDonald playing Karori 1

SWBC #3  Lizzie Catherall playing Victoria


Junior playing Wellington 1


Draw for May 17th at the Hutt Club

Hutt Bridge Club

SWBC #! Alice Forward - Upper Hutt #1 - won STILL ON TOP OF INTERMEDIATES

SWBC #2 Hamish McDonald  - Kapi Mana #2 - Lost - 12th

SWBC #3 Lizzie Catherall - Kapi Mana #1 - Won NOW THIRD AND ONLY 1 POINT BEHiND SECOND



SWBC - Victoria - Lost - 5th

Draw for 12th April

Play at the Upper Hutt Club

Intermediate #1   play Upper Hutt 2 - won  1st

Inttermediate #2 play Hutt 2 - won - 11th

Intemediate #3    play Upper Hutt 1 - lost 6th


Junior#1     play Karori1 - lost


Draw for 22nd March and Results

There are 20 Intermediate Teams in the Competition.

First Round is at the Hutt Club

SWBC #!   plays   Hutt#1    Won   (4th)

SWBC #2  plays   Hutt #3    Lost  (13th)

SWBC #3  plays   Hutt #4    Won  (1st)

Junior There are 10 JUnior  teams in the Competition

SWBC  plays Kapi Mana        Won  (3rd)


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The Interclub Year 2019

Interclub for 2018 is as follows


     Round 1        22 March

     Round 2       12 April

     Round 3       17 May

     Round 4        21 June

     Round 5       19 July

     Round 6       23 August

     Round 7       20 September

     Round 8       18 October

     Round 9       15 November

Here are some suggestion on "Tactics" when playing in a Teams event Team tactics

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