NBS Self Distancing Teams - Matches coming up

NBS Self Distancing Teams - formerly TOPS self distancing teams


Saturday 6th

 1.30     Robinson 27v Henry 29

4.00      Shannahan v Dow

2.30      Glue 17 v Gough 40

Sunday 7th

7.30     Driscoll v Knight

1.30     Alison v Wood

3.00     Eccles v Henry

7.00     Glue v Rutherford

3.30     Herrick v Dorbecker

2.00     Evans v Coburn   

2.30    Fitzsimons v Beattie 

            Evans v Knight

Monday 8th

7.00      Pomeroy Driscoll

7.00      Wilkinsonv Fisher

7.30      Osborne v Hannah-brown

7.30      Armstrong v Williams

Tuesday 9th

7.30      Allison v Wu  

7.00      Holdaway v Fisher

Wednesday 10th

7.00       Wilkinson v Beattie

7.00       Armstrpng v Dorbecker

7.30       Henry v Dow

7.00       Fisher v Oliver

Thursday 11th

7.00       Wilkinson v Holdaway

7.00        Wood Hannah -brown

7.30        Turner v Allison

7.00        Holdaway - Wilkinson

7.00        Evans - Pomeroy

7.30        Eccles v Dow

7.00        Beattie v Fisher

Friday 12th

7.00        Oliver v Holdaway

7.00        Pomeroy v Knight

7.00        Turner v Wood

Sunday 14th

4.00        Hannah-brown v Wu

17th June

               Finley v Dorbecker

18th June

3.00         Williams v Dorbecker

21st June

               Hancox v Coburn

22nd June

7.30        Kinight v Hancox

23rd June 

               Hancox v Turner

Important Information about Setting up Your BBO Match

You only need one person to set up a Match, but that person must have at least 100 logins too BBO.

It does not have to be one of the Captains - anyone in either team with 100 logins can set up the match.

If there is no one in either of your teams that can do it  contact me katherine.gough@nzbridge.co.nz and I will help you out

Setting Up your Match  - step by step instructions

NBS Distanmcing Teams " Results"


The results (as we receive them) will be posted to this page

Go to the "Scoresheets and VPs" section (which will be updated weekly) for running totals

Wednesday 3rd

10.00   Fitzsimons v Oliver

12 15   Finley48  v Armstrong47

2.30     Finley 12 v Herrick 70

7.30     Driscoll  69 v Coburn 17

7.00    Wilkinson v Oliver

 7.30    Allison v Hannah-brown

Thursday 4 June

7.00     Pomerot  21 v Coburn  35

7.00     Knight v Turner

7.00     Robinson  64 v Dow  29

4.00     Oliver v Wilkinson (game postponed)

7.00     Oliver v Beattie

7.30     Finley  30  v Williams  39

7.00     Gough 23 v Howard  27


7.30     Rutherford v Scarlett 

Friday 5th

2.00     Fitzsimons v Wilkinson - Fitzsimons 57 Wilkinson 19

7.30     Osborn v Wu

7.30     Driscoll v Hancox


7.00     Glue v Howard - Glue 15 Howard - 5

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Message from Ray Curnow RBM for TOPS about the 

NBS  Distance Teams

Our competition has undergone a change of name.  The Nelson Building Society (NBS) has offered sponsorship.  Of course, the offer has been gladly accepted.  The competition will now be known as the NBS Distance Teams

For those of you don’t know, NBS is New Zealand’s oldest building society.  I do all my banking with them.  Just about all the clubs and organisations I belong to also do their banking with NBS.  NBS does a great job supporting a wide range of community activities in Nelson, Buller, the West Coast and Mid-Canterbury.

In this case, I would like to thank Garry Howard, the president of the Westport Bridge Club, and Westport NBS manager Rod Fox for putting the deal together.  Rod is a very keen novice bridge player.  He has persuaded the other branch managers in the Top of the South to come on board.


RBM for TOPS Region Ray Curnow

RBM for TOPS Region Ray Curnow

Katherine Gough - RBM for Wellington

The Wellington Region - Regional Bridge Mate is ...

Katherine Gough, and if you would like to contact me or send me a message please fill out the form below.

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