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What is on this week - Aug 7

What is on this week

Before we get to this weeks events, let us have a recap on last week.

On Monday, Dinah Airey and Gail Rapson (NS) and Tim Pope and Hamish McDonald (EW) were the top place getters in the Last game of the Welcome Pairs.

On Thursday Martin and Katherine won the interrupted Swiss Pairs.

I don’t normally comment of the Friday Night Interclub games, because for so Long the Standout Pair has been Angie Smith’s Junior Team.  Other people were mumbling about having to read more of Angie’s Team’s exploits.  But, more recently Angie tells me that things are not going so well. So the spotlight falls on Andrews Becks team, who went into Friday’s game in 4th place, playing against the top team.  At the halfway mark it looked as the top team would remain on top, as they had clearly won the first half.  But when the game was over, the table had turned and Team Beck now had a 60 IMPS to 18 IMPS over the previously top team.  And now Team Beck was in top place, and the previous top team was in 4th.  A great result, and the inspiration for this week’s tip (below).

Monday Night

Game 6 of the Pinehaven Championship Pairs.  For those who have recently joined us, the Championship Pairs is an event we play on the 2nd week of every month.  So over a full year it will consist of 8 games.  But do not worry if you have not played the previous 5 games, the fun is still the same, just grab a partner and come along – or contact Gareth Rapson who can assist with finding a Partner.

Thursday Night

The Blackwell Championship Pairs, game 5.


Which means it is time to remind everyone that our sponsors including Pinehaven and Blackwell support the club to a considerable extent.  Please support all our sponsors whenever you can please. (All our sponsors are listed in the Blue Book).


Tip of the week. 

This is not a tip for beginners, sorry.  Many people in our clubs might bid 4 Clubs after their Partner opens 1H.  This is a convention called “Gerber”. (It might not come directly after the opening bid, it might come later in the auction.)
Expert players never bid Gerber like that (The only times an expert uses Gerber is after an opening bid of 1NT or 2NT.)  And the reason that experts do not do so is that if you play Gerber, you cut out two bids that will assist your slam bidding potential.  One bid is a splinter bid of 4 clubs. (You cannot have 1 bid for two purposes) And the Slam bidding tool that the exerts play is a convention called Blackwood.

This week’s tip is in two parts.  If you have not started using Blackwood, talk to your favourite partner about the two of you learning how it works.

The 2nd part of the tip is that after you have got the hang of Blackwood, move on to an ever better version called Roman Keycard Blackwood – the slam bidding tool of the experts.

The hand below is the hand that tipped the balance on Friday Night to Team Beck.  7 teams bid the 6H slam, and 17 did not. And that was an 11 IMP swing to Team Beck.


The bidding might go

1 Diamond from west, and 1 Spade from East.  Followed by
2 Clubs from West and 2 Hearts from East.  Then
4 Hearts from West to show a fit, and 4NT from West – the Roman Keycard Blackwood bid.

West replies 5D – which tells East that their partner has two Aces and the King of Hearts.  (Clever I think) Now East knows that their side has all the aces, they have the King of trumps and they have at least 9 trumps – a Slam is certain to make.

Ten Session Cards

There are now two ways to pay your table money.  Either bring along $5 on the night, or purchase a Ten Session Card.  (TSC)  With a TSC you get 10 games for $40

To Purchase Your Ten Session Card you pay $40 into the Club’s Bank Account which is 02 0608 0110363 000 – this number is also your programme book

When you make this payment put your name into the “Particulars” box and the word TSC (for Ten Session Card) into the “Code” box.

Provided you do this at least one day before you come to bridge your Session card will be ready for you.

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