The South Wairarapa Bridge Club - a friendly club in the heart of the Wairarapa

he South Wairarapa Bridge Club play at the Town Centre On Monday and Thursday evenings at 6.30

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Phone Enquiries 0272433495

What is on this week - October 3rd

Monday 3rd October

 The 3rd and final match in the Brac and Bow Pair.  Next week we will play the final match in the Pinehaven Championship Pairs.  As always, let Gareth know if you are coming/

  Thursday 4th October.

The 4th game in the Vixen Burger Individual Series

  Bridge Tip

 A basic principle of defensive play is: when it does not give anything away, play the card you are known to hold as soon as possible!! (Example: You have KJ10 and Dummy has AQxx. Declarer takes the finesse to the Queen and then cashes the Ace. Play the KING under the Ace. (Your Jack and King are equals once the Queen is played.) You are known to hold the King. Declarer does NOT know who has the Jack.

 This is one of those tips that experts always do, the rest of us not so much.  You can read more here

Tip of the week


Ten Session Cards

There are now two ways to pay your table money.  Either bring along $5 on the night, or purchase a Ten Session Card.  (TSC)  With a TSC you get 10 games for $40

To Purchase Your Ten Session Card you pay $40 into the Club’s Bank Account which is 02 0608 0110363 000 – this number is also your programme book

When you make this payment put your name into the “Particulars” box and the word TSC (for Ten Session Card) into the “Code” box.

Provided you do this at least one day before you come to bridge your Session card will be ready for you.

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Email Address

Phone:  027 500 8120

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